Document Storing or Scanning – Which Suits Your Business Best?

At The Last Hurdle™ we know how valuable it is when our connections share knowledge with us and our readers. This months guest blog has been written by June Marie Duffy for Paper Escape. Paper Escape are based in Cheshire and are specialists in document storage, scanning and shredding, some great pieces of advise here I am sure you will find very useful. Enjoy! Jules White.

Document Storing or Scanning – Which Suits Your Business Best?

The paperless office we were promised failed to materialise, but does that mean we should cease trying?

The paperless office was meant to have happened by now – it most certainly did not, although some of us got close – the need to use less paper is a very real one and in addition to the concept of corporate responsibility and boasting green credentials by lowering our carbon footprint, there are many further benefits afforded to business organisations that successfully reduce their reliance on paper.

These include a reduced need for storage space – this can help to increase space in the office and render it a more productive workspace – reducing outgoing expenditure on paper supplies and even keeping the workplace cleaner and healthier for all – paper attracts and accumulates dust and particles that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

Document Storing or Scanning – Which Suits Your Business Best?

Document Storing or ScanningWhilst there are some notable benefits to scanning documents and reducing reliance on paper in the workplace, there are also some downsides, notably the need to backup information constantly, the issue of PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and data privacy when using cloud storage services, the reliability of cloud storage services and the cost of storing data in the long term, among many others.

This means that management needs to weigh up the pros and cons to scanning and storing information digitally or continuing to work with paper and filing cabinets.

Here are a few further considerations to think about when making that decision.

a)    Is using paper forms necessary in the line of work your business carries out?
Paper forms are essential in the line of work that many businesses carry out. If they need to store these forms for long periods of time they’re advised to consider using secure document storage facilities so as to not limit space in the office.

b)    How much space do you have to store documents and files?
This is an issue that affects many business organisations and it has provided management at countless organisations with the impetus to scan, digitally store and securely shred their documents.
The amount of space that can be created by doing away with filing cabinets is often astonishing and can also increase efficiency and productivity in the office.

c)    Are you obligated by law to keep paper copies of your documents?
Some businesses, like law firms for instance, are required by law to keep paper copies of their documents and records for certain periods of time, usually years.
This, however, doesn’t mean that scanning, digitally storing and securely shredding the documents at a later date won’t prove feasible or advantageous.

d)    Do you regularly access documents from outside of your office?
Businesses whose management or employees regularly require access to documents when on the move will find scanning and digitally storing the documents they require to their advantage.
Moreover, they’ll also need to use a reliable cloud storage provider that enables them to access their documents on any platform, including smartphones.

e)    Do you process information about your clients?
If you process information about your clients and need to store it, PII becomes an issue whether you choose to scan the information and store it digitally or file it away in a filing cabinet on your premises. There are, however, solutions to both options.

For instance, using a highly secure cloud storage system or hiring a document storage facility like Paper Escape in Cheshire. Paper Escape offer a full range of document management services including scanning, storage and shredding  and have the following accreditations  ISO 9001: 2008, BSIA membership (British Security Industry Association) and registration under the Data Protection Act of 1998.

These are a few of the questions you’ll need to think about when deciding whether storing or scanning is the right option for your business needs. To decide if Document Storing or Scanning (or even shredding) is the best option for your business call Paper Escape on  0845 603 9893


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