Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

The Importance of Digital Marketing 

The concept of digital marketing can seem daunting at first, but the potential benefits to small businesses are huge. The enormity of the internet means that more and more businesses are engaging with their customers and using technology to improve their visibility like never before, and by avoiding such practices you could be losing customers to your competitors every day.

Are your potential clients aware of your Digital Marketing efforts?

digital marketingBefore we consider just how you can effectively market your business in the digital age, it’s worth noting just how many of us are online every day. The office for National Statistics places the figure at 36 million, or 73% of the adult population. On top of this, 53% of adults use the internet from their mobile phones, a figure which is only likely to rise as smartphones become less expensive and more powerful. It’s now commonplace to see individuals emailing, browsing or purchasing goods while sitting on the bus or train or in a café with friends.

Social networking has also seen a huge rise in popularity over the past decade, with 33 million, or 53%, of the United Kingdom’s population now registered on Facebook. 34 million of us also use Twitter, to post tweets and follow celebrities or friends.

Digital Marketing has changed the way we buy

The importance of digital marketing, and its benefits to small businesses, will become more apparent when we consider just how many of us are also buying online. Last year, 69% of the United Kingdom’s Pinterest users went on to purchase an item, and this year over 72% of the entire population shopped online in some way. These statistics paint a picture of a huge target audience, many of whom are willing to purchase products or services online. It is through digital marketing that you can begin to engage with these potential customers.

Fortunately for small business owners, it doesn’t need to be expensive to build your online presence. Digital marketing agencies are available to boost your online presence and sales efficiency, but their services – along with any online hosting costs – are comparatively inexpensive for the exposure and sales which they produce.

Benefits of digital marketing to small businesses

target market

Alongside online-only deals and promotions, you can utilise a wide variety of digital content, all of which show benefits to small businesses. Videos, infographics, engaging videos and interesting articles can all attract the attention of internet users, and in turn introduce them to the products and services of your small business. Building an awareness of your small business is the first step, upon which you can build sales and develop customer relationships.

Greater benefits for small businesses can be found by matching your digital marketing strategies to your target audience. For example, a majority of social networking users are aged 18-25, making the likes of Facebook and Twitter effective tools for businesses aimed at young adults. Similarly, Pinterest boasts a predominantly female user base, whereas Google+ consists mainly of males. By researching the demographics of your target audience, you can save time and money by utilising the mediums or platforms which are most relevant to your potential customers.

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