Case Study: Facebook for Gemini Supplies and Knights & Hyde

Facebook business page

Facebook Business Page

Gemini Supplies and Knights & Hyde

Case Study: Meeting #1

Facebook business page

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page

Facebook Business Page

Using social media for business can be a very powerful way to drive traffic to your website, gain awareness and raise your profile as well encouraging people to buy your product or service. However, it is just as important that you promote interaction with your followers, fans or friends. You must connect on a personal level, pull out your customer services skills, make them feel welcome to your virtual ‘shop window’.  The company understand this so for this meeting we will be focusing on the marketing side of their social media strategy.

As Sheila is very conversant with Facebook, the Gemini Supplies business page was already up and running with over 50x people following them on their page, known as ‘Likes’. The company are janitorial and office supplies, they have a huge demographic and as such selected offers would need to be loaded to the Facebook page, the offers would link directly to the product making it as simple as possible for potential customers to make that purchase whilst driving the all important traffic to the new website.

On a website with 100’s of products, we need to make the buying process as simple as possible for the customer and the social media administrator. The easiest way then is to identify which offering you would like to make, find it on your website, ensure that you go right down through the levels until it is solely the item you wish to promote displayed on the screen, with all it’s details. Once an interested party has clicked through they will not want to hunt around a site they are unfamiliar with to find the item they desired. So once you have your offering simply highlight and copy the full URL address at the top of the page. Now bring up your Facebook business page. Decide upon a short description for this item, then paste the copied URL directly into the box, wait a few seconds and Facebook will pull any pictures from your web page to accompany your link, so your offering will look something like this:


Gemini Supplies £7.99 for a pack of 3 x A4 or £5.29 for a pack of 3 x A5

Facebook business pagePukka Pad A4 Jotta Poly Cover JP018 – Paper Supplies – Books, Pads & Albums – Spiral Note Books – A4

Pukka Pad A4 Jotta Poly Cover JP018, Paper Supplies, Books, Pads & Albums, Spiral Note Books, A4, PP00510. Knights and Hyde


With the website link, going straight through to the product the route to purchasing is made effortless and don’t worry, if they like what they see they will have a browse around the website.

Since this meeting, I can report on the following example of their business page success:

A great example of how powerful a Facebook business page can be.

I was at a potential client meeting for The Last Hurdle. They are a gym and looking move to new premises and want support promoting the launch, increasing membership numbers and ideas how to do all this. A great meeting, really nice guys, then they mention the new proposed reception area and the desk, till and other sundries that had caught this lady’s eye. So she asks, Do I know Gemini Supplies as she has seen them on Facebook, been through to their website and mentally chosen a reception desk, till etc.

I was able to ring Sheila there and then and we arranged for her to pop in and see my newest client whilst arranging a nice discount level. My new customer is happy, my case study customer is happy, which of course make me very happy! Naturally it won’t happen this way every time, but this lady had already been through to the website from the Facebook business page and had a good browse around, without my input and interestingly none of the items she wishes to purchase have been show cased on the business page, yet. An excellent example of driving pertinent traffic through to the website.

In our next case study blog, meeting #2 we will be looking at Linked in with Sheila. I am looking forward to sharing that with you all. J

Jules Thomas

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