Networking in Business

Networking in BusinessTapping into our very experienced and successful Associates skills, we are able to devise a Networking Plan, advise on the groups most likely to suit your business ethics, target market and personality.

We also run regular workshops and courses to unravel what can be viewed as mysteries of successful Networking in Business environments.

Networking in Business

The Last Hurdle™ will cover all aspects of networking in Business from how to write your elevator pitch or short introduction to asking for a specific target market. Making that oh so important first impression count and making your networking effective and most importantly make sure you receive a return on your monetary and time investment.

Networking in Business

There is a large variety of different networking groups out there, how do you choose? We will assist you to look at where your target market contacts are most likely to be, remember this isn’t a selling exercise. You are looking to use the other group members to promote and refer your services, so to sell to them is not appropriate, rather view your Networking in Business as an educational exercise. Educate us about what you do, who with and why!

Networking in Business

As part of a multi stream Business development plan, networking is very important part. People buy from People so lets get you out there!


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Networking in Business — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jules! That’s a big reply 😉

    I understand that you have to entice business owners to networking events in the firsts place, and that there are many different facets on how to connect business owners with one other.

    Interestingly, If we compare our local business networks to one another, they all have very different specialities, or claim to achieve certain results for your business.

    Some have a ‘hands down’ referral culture – which works. Others, are the opposite end of the scale and simply help you introduce yourself to local business owners in an informal setting.

    I’m not entirely in agreement with your point about ‘sell sell sell’. It is essential that we all understand that we are all trying to increase the size of our network, and part of this is selling either yourself, or your product. I suspect that those business owners who you speak of who were giving and not receiving, may have been expecting results either over-night [which goes back to your trust issue]… or worse – expecting an equal payment [in time and energy] in return. A gift is not a gift, if you expect something in return. Trust can also be built by offering great advice and connecting people.

    It’s a great subject, and no one way will win through in the end. So I wholly agree with what you were saying about tailor made solutions.

    We all after-all, very different and very special 🙂

    • Hi Glenn,
      A big reply for a big topic 🙂
      You are absolutely right, it is a multi faceted business development stream, but no matter how much you want to give others, it is still just that, a business development stream. Whether your aim is to gain new business (the most popular reason to network), reach out and connect with like minded people or to develop your confidence and people skills… it does all boil down to a development. I do actively encourage the ‘givers gain’ ethos, however I strongly feel that something also needs to come back the other way otherwise it is a very one-sided thing that just wont last. And do we give to receive, in this circumstance yes. Otherwise why are you at the meeting? Are you just having lunch with some friends. If, as I suspect you are a generous networker and work hard to recommend your fellow group members wherever you can. Are you receiving the same (doesn’t need to be exactly, no one is keeping score). For me I measure how effective my networking campaign is by one question; ‘Has it resulted in new business for me either directly or indirectly?’
      Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a fast process it take time to build that trust, when some one recommends you it’s their reputation they are using to do so! But if you have been going to a group for a year with no ROI, then I suggest you review your activity.
      Another large response, we seem to have struck a cord with our passion 🙂
      Another full agreement from me, we are all different and need to be treated as such, individually and in business.
      Great meeting and conversing with you Glen.
      Do pop by our page anytime

      Jules 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting up this article. I do however feel that you may have missed one of the most important lessons that we can take from networking… and that is to give.

    If all your customers are only concerning themselves only with educating ‘others’ on how to refer their products… then who exactly is listening? Surely we all should be to listening and learning on how to help our networks succeed first?

    If they succeed, then so do we. I hope that makes sense.

    • Hi Glen,

      Great comment, thanks. And of course giving is a very important part of building successful networking relationships, but first you must build the trust and even before that get them to the networking event in the first place. There are lots of points missed from the page (not an article) but as it is a service page for an all encompassing business development service, this is where we need to entice them to network in the first place. We encounter a lot of clients who are initially very skeptical about networking hence why we have decided to focus more on the development side before we in our turn educate on two way network relationships.

      Personally not a fan of you must ‘give’ first… why? if the trust and relationship has been built then business and referral business will happen. If you go in sell, sell sell then it wont. but similarly I have seen plenty of givers receive nothing and be turned off.

      A bit like chicken and the egg and just from this discussion people can see that the etiquette itself can be a bit of mine field. that’s where our planning, strategy and advice comes in, bespoke to suit each business, target market and individual personality. As with everything in life, business and the universe there is no ‘one size fits all’ and neither should there be, in my opinion.

      Glad you enjoyed the page

      Come back soon


      PS I didn’t say they were to educate on how to refer them, just educate us about their, business, what they do and why. A vast difference.