Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

I have worked with Jules for some time, she is both professional and humorist making working fun and productive and with her insightful interaction this produces better targeted material for my company.

Peter Bushnell

Bulrushess Ltd


Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

Thank you very much to Jules from The Last Hurdle, for taking some time out this week to arrange and host a meeting between my self and Peter Bushnell and then today I emailed asking for some advice and within the hour she was on the phone.

The supplier of my website had given me information about my website and as I had no idea what he was talking about I emailed Jules and she checked my website out and told me that I don’t need to upgrade as my supplier was telling me. Not only told me but also backed up what she was saying with proof saving me £250. I have now spoken to my Partner  and we are  seriously considering moving over to Jules  for our websites in the near future.

Thank you very much Jules  for your help  you will always be top of my list for recommendations.



Safety Solutions (East Midlands) Ltd


Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

Having got to know Jules through various networking events, when I decided that my business needed a website I went to see Jules and enlisted the help of The Last Hurdle.
Being a bit of a technophobe and not really having any vision or so I thought for what I wanted my website to look like, Jules knew all the right questions to ask to build a picture of what I wanted/needed and to put together the perfect look. Her knowledge and expertise guided me thorough the whole process and also helped in other areas like with my logo, nothing is too much trouble for Jules.
When working with Jules you can tell when it comes to her business she really knows her stuff, she is professional throughout but her main aim is to provide the best for her clients. Now thanks to Jules and The Last Hurdle now have a logo and a website that I am really proud of.

Wendy Waring, Acrobat Services


Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

I have been using Jules for around 4 months now and I have seen a dramatic increase in my customer awareness. Also there has been an increase in my website hits, booking forms and phone calls all thanks to the social media side of the business development.

I will not hesitate to recommend The Last Hurdle and I am available to speak to anybody directly.

Alex Isherwood, Service MOT Repairs Ltd


Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent service and support that you have given us during the last 12 months.
Your re-design of the Business Club Northants website has been well received and combined with the great help from your staff with all of our social media postings has dramatically increased awareness and also enquiries for membership.
Your professional knowledge and advice with the on-going marketing of the Business Club Northants is highly valued and we look forward to continuing working closely with you.”

Mike Willis owner The Business Club Northants


Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

We find the team at The Last Hurdle to be extremely professional, hard working and flexible. From the first meeting onwards, the amazing work carried out on our behalf has helped us to bring life to our organisation, and has increased our Twitter Followers from 45 to close to 600, along with a vast improvement in our Facebook visibility. The Last Hurdle™ have designed and maintained our website and it’s content, and no amendments or additions are ever to much trouble, fantastic for 2 technophobes in their 40’s!!! The service is excellent, emails and phone calls replied to in no time, with clear and concise advice that has proven invaluable. Kids of Heroes wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Last Hurdle™ to any company looking to improve their social media & marketing strategy

Andy & Dave at Kids of Heroes


Testimonial for Jules White of The Last Hurdle™

Jules knows her stuff and is able to communicate at both a technical level and and also a level where beginners feel comfortable asking questions. She is very passionate about the benefits of social media for small businesses and this comes across through her ability to engage her students. I would definitely recommend her for any small business who wants to tap into this market.

Sean @ Time For You SW London.


Testimonial for Trevor Ray of The Last Hurdle™

I recently was lucky enough to have an hour’s “one to one” with Trevor Ray examining my presentation skills and very productive it was too! Trevor’s relaxed style and detailed knowledge made the discussions both useful and entertaining, I probably learnt more in that hour than I have for some time. One of them being to keep the audience interested , keep it short so -”if you want to improve your presentation skills –talk to Trevor!”

Stephen Huggett, Artefii LTD


Testimonial for Jules White of The Last Hurdle™

Jules White from The Last Hurdle™ has provided tremendous help in building and designing our website. This is something we were struggling with for quite some time as we had literally hit a brick wall. From the outset Jules worked with us to understand the look we were going for and to ensure our vision of the website came through in to the design. For us the key element during this process was to be as involved as much as possible. At no stage did Jules take over the design, she worked with us, showing us how to develop and manage the website going forward. She openly encouraged us to learn for ourselves and was there to support us (and fix things) when we went wrong. If you’re looking for help with web design, social media training or support, then please contact The Last Hurdle™. I can’t thank Jules enough for assisting us in getting where we are today.

Michelle Bowbrick – Luxurious Cards


Testimonial for The Last Hurdle™

Time For You Northants has been working with The Last Hurdle™ for nearly 3 years. One of the main reasons for out-sourcing to Jules and her team was to draw on her experience as a Business Development Specialist. It’s so easy to work in the business but this can be counter–productive as business development gets neglected.

From the word go Jules has been a crucial part to our business. There were many keys areas which Jules identified needed developing to name but a few;

  • Social media
  • Social Media Training
  • Website Content
  • SEO
  • CRM Training
  • Implementing a CRM into our business
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Focusing on ongoing goals and objectives and many more……………

A key example of Jules input was the implementation of ZOHO CRM. Previously we had used a paper system to log all our leads. This was counterproductive and fraught with inefficiency. Jules INSISTED that we use a CRM and listed the many benefits of using ZOHO within our office. Jules went on to customise ZOHO CRM for our needs, its contents being relevant to our day to day operation. ZOHO is an invaluable tool for our office and all our staff!

Needless to say our sales have increased by 20% month on month. Our ability to follow up enquiries is now seamless because of ZOHO implementation.

The Last Hurdle™ is an integral part of Time For You Northants . WE have learnt that it’s important to stay focused on developing a business that’s why we will continue to use The Last Hurdle they are an asset and a god send to any business!

Ann Brebner – Time For You Northants

Time For You Northants Northampton cleaners



Jules White of The Last Hurdle – Testimonial

“I had the pleasure of working with Jules many times with sales training both individually and in group. Jules is a great mentor and her passion and guidance really influenced my sales skills. I would recommend Jules for anyone looking to maximize revenue and potential.”  Jake Sturgess (sales training delegate)


Bisola Orimalade of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

Dear Bisola, I just want to thank you for all the support and hard work you have done for me over the last few months. It is noticeable that I am getting at least 25% more leads than this time last year and I thank you also for your quick response to everything that I throw at you.

Thank you again

Kind regards

Leigh (Lee) Adley

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Jules White of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

“We were delighted with both the internal and external sales training The Last Hurdle™ arranged for all our Sales people. The planning and preparations were great, along with fantastic delivery. All the feedback was glowing; with our people learning lots of new tips and advice to enable them to progress within their individual roles.”

Lisa Bishop – Head of Sales & Operations – The Tess Group

tess group



Sarah Hodgkins of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

I was having trouble trying to get across the message about my business, and having tried several different approaches felt that I had hit a brick wall. I was getting very few visits to my website, and had no idea how to increase that traffic. Sarah tackled the problem with great enthusiasm, explaining how Google rankswebsites according to how often they offer new material, and how to use Facebook to encourage more people to visit the website.
She continually followed different avenues until the right one was found, and never lost her determination to help me move forward with my business. Her imagination and inventiveness in approaching a problem are an example to all waverers like myself who are inclined to lose heart after a number of attempts. Well done, Sarah, for helping me conquer my fears!

Josephine Thomson from Dressing for Success


Jules White of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

I just wanted to say a huge thank you Jules for removing the mysticism of social media for me. I knew some of the buzz words and phrases before but had no idea how it could really work for the benefit of my business. I learn best from ‘doing’ and so really appreciated the practical way you passed on your knowledge and being able to try things out for real rather than work on hypothetical examples. Thank you Jules!

Jules has helped to remove the mystery of social media for me. I knew some of the words but had no idea how it worked or how I could use it effectively for the benefit of my business. Jules gave very pertinent, practical advice that was absolutely tailored to my business so that I could immediately begin to use available platforms in a way that was relevant for me. Thank you! –

Dr Trevor Ray – Dale Carnegie 

Trevor thought so highly of his experience with The Last Hurdle™ he joined the team in September 2013 as a franchisee!

Dale Carnegie


Jules White of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

“Having recently set up my own business, I thought I had everything covered with a Website, Facebook Page and Twitter Account.  I could not understand why it felt as if I was invisible and was horrified when I met up with Jules of The Last Hurdle™ who she showed me that Google could not see my website!  Jules has now given me some pointers and I am now allocating sometime each week to increase the visibility of my business.  Jules is passionate about what she does and this comes across in her friendly approach to helping other business people.”

Helen Ryan – Starlight Fitness



Jules White of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

In the time I have been working with Jules, the development of my business has assumed clear direction thanks to her expertise and infectious enthusiasm for her subject. I have also witnessed first hand her tireless efforts for each and every one of her clients. The term “passionate” is often used to describe people, but I can say with certainty it is absolutely accurate when used to describe Jules.

Karen Teago

In-essence Employment Law



Jules White of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

The Effective Sales Techniques for Small Businesses delivered at Motivating Mum Milton Keynes was a very interesting and informative session. At this event, Jules shared 13 sales tips which covered dos and don’ts of selling. I really got a lot from this, and also she gave a huge dose of motivation and encouragement as well simply because she is a very positive person. I will definitely invite Jules back and would love to attend some of her workshops in the future.

Bisola Orimalade

Motivating Mum Network


Jules White of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

I first met Jules when she had just started up The Last Hurdle™ back in 2011, I watched her from a distance in the early months of her business  which was growing at a tremendous rate.

When I began to wonder in which direction my own business was going, it had plateaued and I was stuck for ideas on how to get that motivation that I had in the early days back. I sought some advise from Jules as to where I was going wrong.

It was a simple 2 hour chat with Jules that completely changed that around. She made me see and admit to myself exactly why I am doing this business and what the consequences were if it didn’t work out for me.

Since that “chat” my business has had tremendous growth every month for the lasts 8 months and I know will continue to do so in the future.

It’s amazing what a few simple tasks implemented on a daily basis has done, my business is well and truly back on track and the future as they say is very bright.

Jules is a friendly, approachable, caring person, but can be strict when necessary.  I consider her to not only be a business colleague but good friend as well.

Mandy Lagden – Forever Your Future


Sarah Hodgkins of The Last Hurdle™ – Testimonial

There are two mysteries to me; what women want and search engine optimisation.

Thanks to the SEO support and keyword research I received from Sarah at The Last Hurdle™ I was able to take a more scientific, objective and targeted approach to optimising my website. It took much of the mystery , and guesswork, away from a process that had previously baffled me.

As for what women want? Still no clue ….

Jon Farmer
Northampton Photographer


Jules Thomas of The Last Hurdle™ – A testimonial

I first met Jules in the Marriot Hotel in Northamptonin September of 2011 during which month I was seeing several companies with a view to appointing one to give us training in Social Media.

I was immediately struck by her warm, friendly personality which had a depth of experience in Sales and Marketing to back up her knowledge of Social Media.

We were looking for someone to educate us about Social Media as this had been identified as a whole in our portfolio of services. Jules was able to demonstrate to me that, with work on my part, she could bring me up to speed over a 3 month period. However, she made it clear to me that she was about more than Social Media and that whatever she did she would ensure was in keeping with our whole marketing strategy.

I found it impressive that she didn’t just want to concentrate on Social Media but wanted to make sure that it blended in with our other marketing strands and our way of thinking.

When Jules started as our trainer in October she met the team at BHT who immediately took to her warm personality. She reviewed our marketing strategy, talked to me about our 5-year plan and understood our philosophy. She then built a plan to make sure that the Social Media development would dovetail seamlessly into the way we operate.

In the 3 months that she has been working with us it has always been an absolute pleasure to spend time with Jules and she has made the learning aspect a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

In the time that she has been giving the training to me we have built virtual relationships online, improved our website, operated across three Social Media platforms and generated leads that we wouldn’t otherwise have had.

We are so pleased with what she has achieved for us that we will invite her to be the BHT Social Media Expert and join our “Circle of Excellence” providing our clients with the resources that they need.

I have no reservations in recommending Jules wholeheartedly to any company.

Colin Bonham-Horton

Director: Business Development

BHT Marketing Ltd


The Last Hurdle™ Testimonial

We first came into contact with Jules Thomas through both of our relentless social media marketing campaigns. We appointed her to initially help us with marketing the expansion of Progressive Training Systems in the opening of our new facility.

Now I know a good marketing agent should do their best to research and understand their client’s business, but Jules took this one step further with us by embarking on an 8 week charity centimetre loss challenge to raise money for our chosen charity (KidsAid Northampton) and to raise awareness of our business through regular blogs and updates about her progress and training. Now I’m not saying she would have to take such a hands on approach with every client, however for us it enabled her to really understand how we work, what differentiates us from our competitors and what our clients experience during their time with us, which I think has helped her in the specifics of our sales and marketing strategies. I think that this just shows how much Jules cares about her work and her clients and is a display of her commitment, flexibility and determination. She is able to develop a close understanding of her client’s businesses, through whatever means necessary (and feasible), in order to effectively build a business development, sales, or marketing plan.

Jules continues to support our business in terms of social media awareness, Northampton business & networking contacts, and sales and marketing strategies. Despite the fact we can be very particular about how we market our business and also are a bit restrictive on certain offers and usual marketing approaches, Jules is still able to come up with new and innovative ideas for us that fit within our ethos and ethics as a business, which is not always an easy task! We have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the other Last Hurdle associates, who are also friendly, highly reliable and focused on providing the best possible service for all the people that they work with.

If you want a friendly and professional business support or sales and marketing assistance in Northamptonshire, then The Last Hurdle just might be what you need to push your business to the next level.

Faye Jordan

Owner of Progressive Training Systems