Business Development Corby Kettering Wellingborough

The Last Hurdle North Northamptonshire (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough) otherwise known as TLH05…

is currently a vacant franchise. If you would like to apply to become a franchisee for The Last Hurdle then get in touch! The right attributes: it is important that we maintain our brand integrity, excellent reputation and high standards of business development work we produce for our clients. Whilst this franchise is currently vacant it is important to the team that we get the ‘right’ person in. A business reputation takes years to build and seconds to lose! If you are passionate about business development, keen to help business grow and want to learn all aspects of The Last Hurdle’s methods (see below) then email to arrange an informal chat.

Sales & Marketing 

What are your products?  What is your service?  What are their benefits?  Who is your target market?  How do you connect with your target market?  If you think you know the answer to these questions, how do you apply it as a strategy/plan for continued growth and improvement?  The Last Hurdle will work with you to develop and deliver your strategy/plan.  It’s the foundation of growing any business.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Heard the sayings but have no real idea what it means or does, what or how to apply it?  Let The Last Hurdle take the jargon out of jargon!   Statistics show, that companies that have embraced these platforms have grown significantly, in comparison to those that haven’t.  The Last Hurdle can help you make it work for you, never underestimate the power of the internet…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You’re out and about and see a company name, know what they do and think, I’ll look them up on the internet when I get home?  You get home, you’ve forgotten the name but you know what they do, so type it into your ‘search engine’ (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and the company name doesn’t appear on the first page or page 2, not even page 3 and so on.  This would indicate that their website has not been ‘optimised’.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, how can you buy it?  The Last Hurdle really understand the importance of SEO, let us help you understand.

Business Development Corby Kettering Wellingborough

Business Development Corby Kettering Wellingborough

WordPress Websites

What does your website say about your business?  What’s your first impression?  Want it to say something different? Like millions of others, The Last Hurdle trust WordPress as the tool of choice for building professional websites.  It’s cost effective, can be optimised for search engines and best of all, can be easily updated and maintained.


People buy from people and that in itself, is the key to successful networking.  Trust is the foundation to many relationships and once you have that, you have not only your voice sharing what you do, but those you have created a relationship with too.

Branding & Graphic Design

A brand can be a very personal concept and there are no rules for personal however, does it really represent your business?  Is there something you’d love to change?  Are the colours right?   Is it the right font?  Are the pictures outdated?  Would you just like to freshen everything up?  The Last Hurdle have the knowledge and experience to work with you and make it happen.

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