25 Years of SEO

Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO.

With the volume of online content soaring year by year, and more recently, week by week, and with most online experiences starting with a search engine, it was inevitable that search engines would have to begin organising and cataloguing websites.

So now, SEO is increasingly competitive. And, we’re all struggling to keep up with updating algorithms and the best white-hat practises to ensure that our content is seen. The best way to increase SEO in the present day seems to be by creating great content and finding low competition, high ROI keywords.

It’s hard to believe that just a quarter of a century ago most of the terms in the above paragraph wouldn’t make sense to the smartest of computer geniuses, let alone me and you!

25 Years of SEO  Let’s Go Back in Time

Everyone loves the idea of time travel for many reasons, but I bet you never realised just how interesting it would be to go back in time to see the evolution of SEO. The keyword experts over at KeywordEye.com did just that in their latest infographic, and the results were very interesting indeed!

The journey begins in 1991 when the first ever website went live, fast forward twenty-five years and we are quickly reaching the one billion mark! The infographic also presents a timeline of search engines, as well as documenting the pinnacle events of the SEO community and The Google Revolution. Check it out below:

25 Years of SEO

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