12 Ways to Build Profitable Customer Relationships

1. Build Credibility Make people believe that you are the very best at what you do and prove them right

12 Ways to Build Profitable Customer Relationships2. Foster Trust Look for opportunities to build trust – it creates loyal customers and more profits

3. Listen actively Listen better. When you do you learn more and earn more!

4. Probe deeply Find out what people really want. Great questions = great conversation = great opportunities

5. Ascertain values Find out what is important to them and give it to them

6. Enhance reputation Decide what you want to be known for and then strive to build that good name

7. Show reliability Do what you promise, when you promise it

8. Be Accessible Make yourself available if you want to make yourself valuable

9. Promote Friendships look for ways to take relationships from business level to a social level

10. Show Passion Be enthusiastic about what you do. This will be contagious and your reputation will rocket.

11. Develop Expertise Make yourself the obvious expert for what you do and you will become the provider of choice

12. Respond quickly Speeds stuns, so turnaround work quickly and get back to people before they get back to you.


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  1. Great article Tony, this is exactly why I feel there is so much synergy between our brand/vision and you and your experience! Great to have you on the team!

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